Sunday, November 28

As time flies


Hello guys.
Today I've been rehearsing musical all day (actually, I'm still at rehearsals), just like yesterday.
This upcoming week is going to be the hardest. Musical from wednesday 'til next wednesday. All days 'til 11 pm. Just.. plain.. crazy.
Therfore I won't be blogging much either. Maybe a couple times during classes, but besides that, probably not, and I'm sorry. I'll fix some pictures from our rehearsals for ya instead, if you want.
Anyways, the outfit is from friday, and yes, I've already worn those pants once this week, but I can't help it! They're too comfortable!

Hat, Dixie. Cardigan, Gina Tricot. Scarf, Zara. Tee, jacket & rings, H&M. Pants, H&M Trend. Boots, Tiamo. Bag, Topshop. Cape, Glitter.

Love, Rosa <3

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