Tuesday, November 16

Hint of red

Found this picture at some random blog and now I can't seem to find the blog again! I'm really hoping that it's ok, that I use this picture (otherwise tell me, please...).
Anyways, my point was - I'd love to dress like this tomorrow. Really, really, really dig those tights! And the hat.. and the leather shorts... and all the rest! Even the snow!
Speaking of.. I want snow! There's nothing like snow to get into Christmas mood, right? And, in my opinion, it's ok to be in Christmas mood now, 'cause there's only 14 days 'til the 1st of December!!
And last, sorry for not blogging (I seem to excuse myself a lot, huh?). I've just needed a tiny break - but now I'm back!

Edit: Mila just found the blog, hihi. Thanks!!

Source: Fruit Machine

Love, Rosa <3


  1. Here you go :)


  2. Mila - hahah, awesome!!! Thanks a lot ;)

  3. I like your outfit very much.:D the boots!amazing.:D nice (Y)

  4. great outfit, would like to have everything she's wearing too! :)) I would only wait with the snow a little bit more.. :D:D

  5. Hehe, har også postet et af de billeder;) Hun gør det så godt:)