Thursday, November 25


Those are some real crappy pictures, hmm, but whatever.
Outfit from today. It's snowing today - a lot! And it's been extremely cold. So I wore a beanie for the first in 5 years! It felt nice, 'cause neither my forehead or my ears were cold. Very, very nice.
Tomorrow there'll be this café at my school, something I'm looking very much forward to. It's always nice and cozy when you're sitting there talking to your friends while drinking a beer or two (in my case cider - I can't stand beer...). So yeah, can't wait 'til classes are over.
But anyways, I'll leave you to it (or whatever it's called...?). See ya!

Beanie, gloves, jacket & rings, H&M. Cape, Glitter. Blouse & bag, Topshop. Leggings, Monki. Boots, Tiamo. Scarf, Zara.

Love, Rosa <3


  1. Your tight rocks this outfit! I like it! :)