Tuesday, November 23

Ruby obsession

Yes, it's an obsession. I would die to get my hands of that necklace! And I really fancy the hat too!
Anyways, right now I'm at home. Kind of preparing myself (mentally that is) to go to the dentist. I hate dentists. No, correction, I hate going to the dentist. Dentists are actually usually really nice... but I still don't want to go.

Source: NLR

Love, Rosa <3


  1. Fed blog - er fast læser nu ;) Håber virkelig at du også vil kigge på min profil!:) www.kathrines-blogger.blogspot.com

  2. aaah, poor you, i hate visiting dentist! i'm always crying like a baby :D

  3. Kathrine - tusind tak og velkommen :)

    Mila - indeed she does! :p as always..

    Anicka - hahah, turned out my teeth were nothing but perfect ;) very nice.. but I did get a bit nervous on my way there...