Saturday, November 13

Quick update

Hello guys! I was supposed to have posted this yesterday - it's my outfit from thursday, very comfortable - but somehow the time just ran by and suddenly I had to hurry a lot. So no time to blog. But here you go anyways! Only 2 days delayed...
I'm enjoying my weekend, just relaxing. Went to a party yesterday at my high school. It was ok. Me and my friend, Nanna, hadn't been drinking or anything, and it's a long time since I last went to a party without drinking so it felt a bit strange, but it was fine. You actually can have fun without drinking, which is nice to know!
How's everyones weekend going so far?

Blouse & bag, Topshop. Pants, H&M Trend. Jacket & jewelry, H&M. Scarf, Monki. Boots, Tiamo.

Love, Rosa <3


  1. love it! im a new follower hope you follow back!

  2. Love the scarf Rosie :)
    My comments on your blog are actually all really boring and repetitive, i mean i love the way you dress and its hard for me to find something i dislike. Carry on like this Rosie!

    xx Simonne

  3. Simonne - aww, comments like those just means everything... thank you so much! :)