Tuesday, December 7

Easy to let go

Hey guys...
I just wanted to show you some jewelry my mom gave me last week. Pretty neat, huh?
Thinking of changing one of the earrings to a necklace instead, 'cause I don't think I'll ever wear both crosses at the same time.
Anyways.. It's pretty late, I know, but yesterday I went to bed at 7 AM after partying and then I slept 'til 12.45 PM so I can't sleep right now.
But tomorrow I'll have to get up early, 'cause we have to perform at 12 AM and then later again at 7.30 PM. It's hard! Can't wait to show you guys pictures though. We're having so much fun these days!

Earrings & necklace, Fashionology.

Love, Rosa <3


  1. Awww ♥ Love the earrings! *__*

  2. Super flotte smykker! :-)


  3. Chiara - thank you!! so do I ;)

    NinaSafada - thank you very much ;)

    Sofie - tusind tak ^^