Monday, December 13

Nailpolish bomb

Hey guys. Just wanted to give you guys a tip - though you probably already know about this. This summer when I went to London I bought 3 nail polishes from American Apparel - and I absolutely love them. The quality is fab and the colors are amazing. They're 9 euros a piece, which might be a bit much, but like I said they're amazing. I've had mine since summer and they're still way more than half full.
So that was it. The tip for today. I gotta get back to my assignment. It's not going good - at all!

Love, Rosa <3


  1. ooh those colors look so beautiful! nice blog btw! xo

  2. wow beautiful colors :)) unfortunately we don't have american apparel in our country... :/

  3. NINA - totally agree ;) and thank you !!! :)

    NinaSafada - which country is that? They ship in Europe too :)