Sunday, January 2



In april it was finally getting warmer outside. I got my nose piercing done at the 22th, something I'd been wanting to had done for a long time. I also used my bodychain, which I'd gotten in Vienna, a lot.

Not much happened in May. Me and Nanna threw our 18th birthday party, but that's it I think. Kinda boring month really. We had lots of days off from school though. And the weather was nice!


Not much happened in June either. We had our exams (in my case french and ... can't remember). My mom bought me a bag that I still love and wear today. Despite the exams me and Nanna went to the park on a very hot summer day and had fun. I also got my ticket for the biggest music festival in Scandinavia - Roskilde Festival. And no that's not my name on the ticket, hihih.

So that was the 2nd part of my resume. The 3rd part will be posted tonight. So will my (I'm warning you - not so special) outfit from new years eve.
Right now: watching SATC and eating M&Ms.

Love, Rosa <3


  1. I like the photos :) Happy new year!

  2. Kathrine - thank you ! :)
    You too :)

  3. Your photos are awesome :) I love your style, rock + very chic :>

    You were at Roskilde, I've never been that far from Finland at a festival. But one of my friends has been there many times and I'm so jealous for her :P

    AND, you have gorgeous red hair, I always envy those! :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog a Day Well Spent :> Hope you come again! ^^

  4. Story - aww.. comments like yours really warms my heart. They make me so so so happy, so thank you! Thank you very much... :D
    Rock + chic was exactly what I was going for, hah ;) I think it kinda reflects my taste in music..

    About Roskilde.. you should seriously go. There's nothing like it. It's amazing. I'm going this year too. Already bought a month ago and I can't wait. I've heard rumors that Arctic Monkeys might be playing at the festival this year... :)