Thursday, January 27

Here's a little

Went shopping a bit after school today. Found the most perfect blazer ever! I'm sensing I'm gonna use it a lot.. I chose to size up though, 'cause then it'd be looser. I love loose blazers.
The CD's are ''gifts'' from my family (they gave me the money - I bought the CDs). I bought 3 of them tuesday and the other 2 today. Love, love!
Still shopping - but now on eBay. Hihih...

Blazer + leggings, H&M. Radiohead: The Bends. Oasis: Be Here Now & Don't Believe The Truth. Nirvana: Nevermind. Rage Against The Machine: Evil Empire. Purse, Monki.

Love, Rosa <3


  1. Can't remember the last time I bought a CD, I really just don't know what to do with them, the only CD player I still have is on my car :F Even the PC I use is a 10"netbook and doesn't have a CD reader!

  2. Fran - Argh, a life without CDs. Couldn't imagine :p
    I'm CD-freak... won't stop buying 'til I have all the ones I want! :p

  3. Yes, that blazer is pretty!

  4. ohh cool jacket!
    adn I love Nirvana's Nevermind!
    oohhh Kurt!!!
    have a nice day!

  5. that's such a great blazer!!! =)


  6. Thank's for your visit on my blog!! Love your blazer!!