Tuesday, January 18

Leopard coat?

Hey guys. I kind of need your opinion on something.
I'm thinking of buying a leopard coat. I've found one. It's kind of cheap for a coat. I think it's divine and I've also loved leopard jackets for a long time now. But... are leopard coats on their way out?
I know it's sounds kind of ''I only wear whatever's hot right now'' and I'm not like that at all, but leopard coats are just something else as they're pretty special and bold. So I'd just love to know what's your opinion?

Love, Rosa <3


  1. I bought a faux fur leopard coat from Forever 21, I'm not gonna lie, I don't use it as much as I thought I would. However, it's great to have and very cute. I like mine, go for it!

  2. Mila - wow, that was fast :p

    Well, I'm seriously considering it. I think I'm in love with it :p

  3. Great coat and photo!!!


  4. You got enough style to wear this kind of jacket. I also love leopard coats (wall, not only coats, i have to say) so you should go for it!

    (i've been following you for a little while but i don't often leave comments)

  5. Go for it!
    Leopard coats are great, if you combine them with something clean and simple.
    I think having your own style also means that you wear something that's very in style if you like it, though I understand where you're coming from ;)
    Post a picture when you get one.

  6. You should go fot it :) I don't think animal print ever really goes away xx

  7. Well, unfortunately I don't think I could pull it off looking good but I do think that it looks good on others. I think you should get the coat!

  8. In my opinion a leopard coat isn't great. I don't like animals themes on clothes, I haven't anything for leather, but leopard coat... looks cheesy.

  9. Definitely buy it :-)
    .. jeg tror bestemt ikke dyreprinte er på vej ud, afhængende af hvordan du selv vil sætte det sammen jo. jeg har lige akkurat købt en dyreprintet kappe (http://helenesofiehansen.blogspot.com/search/label/Wardrobed.) <- se den der. Og den er fantastisk. jeg ELSKER dyreprint. Zebra, leopard, tiger - you name it ;). Og kan man style det rigtigt, så go for it. :-)