Tuesday, January 25

What a day

Hello guys, I just wanted to stop by and say hello, which I believe I just did twice..
Uhm, so today was my birthday. It was ok, not an extraordinary birthday - it is monday after all - had 6 hours of school, then I went to taekwondo where I strained/sprained (?) my left wrist for the 2nd time in 2 months, awesome, then home to eat dinner with my biggest sister, my brother and my dad, then we ate cake and after that we played Guitar Hero together. So it's been fine. Hmm... I'm just very tired.
Now I'll watch an episode of SATC and then I'll head to bed. Hope you all had a great day!!

Some of my birthday presents: clothes from American Apparel, computer stuff, 2 (awesome) cds: Oasis: ''Definitely Maybe'' and Radiohead: ''OK Computer'', a nail polish in the color 'Passport Blue' from AA and yummy chocolates from my sister.

Love, Rosa <3


  1. awww I adore oasis! This is my fav band!
    love ur style also

  2. Love the sheer-ish shirt! The chocolates look amazing. :)
    Happy birthday!

  3. Congrats! :-)
    hey, is that a newspaper og bedsheets, that the gifts are on? x


  4. CC - not just sheer-ish, it is pretty sheer :b

    Rose - those are my bedsheets :)

  5. Happy Birthday!!!!

    xx marina


  6. so an ideal birthday! I wish you all the best and all whatever you want to do or get:*

  7. Hope you had the BEST birthday. Love your pics -- all your subject matter is DELICIOUS. (Ha.) My favorites (besides YOU) . . . the Radiohead CD (that's a great CD, and they are my favorite band . . . and those amazing chocolates.

  8. Thank you, I agree, this portrait is awesome! It's so kind Alicja drew it for me!

    I'm so jealous for that sheer shirt.