Tuesday, February 1

Converse obsessing

Nope, not heels this time, but Chucks. I love Chucks. I've been seriously obsessing about the second pair and to top it off I actually saw a girl wearing them today. They look so awesome, specially when they look ''not-new''-ish (ok, all Converse shoes look better worn). I actually bought the black pair in the low-top version today. Probably going to receive them this thursday. Yay!
Sorry for not blogging the last two days by the way. I'm suffering from what I like to call endless coughing, headache and runny nose. I'm so hoarse I can't even speak, which is really great since we've just bought recording equipment.... hml, yes. Gimme my voice back, please.

Love, Rosa <3


  1. I love converse, I seriously don't know where I'd be without them! Love the stars and stripes pair! they're so cute xx

  2. I think I have 5 pair now. Most are from when I was a teenager. Whenever they begin to get too faded I just throw them in the washer with some Rit Dye and Whalah! Fresh perky kicks.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog.

  3. I also love my chucks...they go with everything!


  4. i love the black low top converse! very cool!

  5. Oh I have the black ones! I love them :D Hmm this post just made me want to wear them tomorrow! Ok I will!! hehe
    Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog!

    Haru x

  6. i looove Converse!those American inspired ones are cuuute :)

    Mollie from we-are-the-crowd.com

  7. haha Love the american flag converse!


  8. cute outfit ;)
    i love your blog and im following you baby!

    a lot of kisses from poland!

  9. Yes, God bless Chucks! For those day where you do have to walk. lol.

  10. Have a look to this:

    She's one of my favourite photographers and I've read she'll be working for Converse in a couple of months. I'm really looking forward to see her work!

  11. i haven't worn converse for soooo long. hope you feel better soon!