Wednesday, March 23

Easy breezy

Delayed outfit pictures from last week.
We have pre-exams this week. Yesterday it was English, monday it was Danish and today it's music. It just makes me sooo tired. Music isn't so bad though. I actually think it'll be the easiest of all the tests. And I get to eat lots of candy and biscuits while taking it!
But anyways, have a nice day. I guess spring finally arrived here in Denmark, 'cause the sun has been shining the last three days.

Hat, Dixie. Pants, H&M Trend. Jacket, H&M. Earrings, Fashionology. Scarf, Monki. Boots, Tiamo. Top + Bag, Topshop.

Love, Rosa <3

Saturday, March 19


Hey again guys. I've made a new tumblr and I'm really enjoying uploading pictures.
I'm hoping you'll stop by and take a look?
Link: One in a million
Also hoping you're having a great saturday evening - I'm not. I have to finish an exam project which is due monday 8.30, so. I'm waaaaay behind....

Love, Rosa <3

Sneak peak

HHey guys! Have I told you about a galla party we're having at my school in 3-4 weeks? Don't think so, but I'm not sure.
Anyways, this is the dress I'm wearing. Most of the seniors from my school are going to dance a dance called ''Les Lanciers'' - I'm not. That's not gonna keep me from dressing a bit up though! So I'm gonna wear this dress which is from Topshop. I'll show you guys some better pictures some other time - if it fits me, that is. I actually haven't tried it on yet....

Love, Rosa <3

Wednesday, March 16

Hell yeah

Guess where I'm going? New York!!!
It's settled, me and my mom have bought our tickets, so yeah, it's final. Yay!!!

Love, Rosa <3

Monday, March 14

Fresh start

A few purchases I made a while ago now.
Well, not much to say about my day - it's been long and tiring. I just need to relax.
Outfit picture coming up later though!

Yellow nail polish + cropped top, H&M. Nail polishes, Pieces. Basic tops, Gina Tricot.

Love, Rosa <3

Thursday, March 10

Someone slap me

Yes, please. Someone slap me and tell me to blog again.
Don't know what's going on here. I guess I'm just lazy.

Hat, Dixie. Cardigan, Vila. Tee, American Apparel. Shorts, Gina Tricot. Socks, Asos. Boots, Tiamo. Scarf, Monki. Jacket, H&M. Bag, Topshop.

Love, Rosa <3

Sunday, March 6

Give us a little love

This is the only time I'll post something like this. Normally I think that posts with videos of yourself singing and stuff like that are a little odd, but with this performance I just had to.
This video is of me and some of my class mates singing a Fallulah song called ''Give Us a Little Love''. The thing about this performance is that Fallulah actually posted the video on her page on Facebook, which is kinda cool. I'm really proud of my class mates for this performance.
And by the way, I'm the third one singing in the beginning of the song, hihih.
The sound isn't that great and the video is out of focus almost through the entire thing, but I hope you like it!

During this weekend I've been in Copenhagen and I didn't manage to post some things that I bought and an outfit from this past week before I went there, but I'll post it tomorrow.

Love, Rosa <3

Thursday, March 3

Same old, same old

A simple outfit. It's from tuesday, but I seriously haven't had time to upload the pictures or to blog.
Yesterday me and my class played at a concert at my school and it went fine! Actually, it went really, really good.
But anyways, I gotta run or else I'll be late for my singing lessons.

Hat, Dixie. Jeans + scarf, Gina Tricot. Jacket + rings, H&M. Top + bag, Topshop. Boots, Tiamo. Earrings, Fashionology.

Love, Rosa <3