Friday, March 23



Kan se blogger stadig er irriterende når man skal uploade billeder, hmm. Det må man vel bare tage med sig, anyways..
Det her outfit er fra i onsdags, da jeg var ude og shoppe med min gode veninde Nanna.
Var en virkelig god dag, vejret var skønt og så fik jeg købt lidt godter som I kan få at se senere.
Forresten, nej, jeg er ikke sur på billedet, jeg er skam vældig glad!

This outfit is from this Wednesday, where I went out shopping with my good friend Nanna.
Was a lovely day, the weather was awesome and I bought a few pieces that I'll show you guys later.
And no, I'm not mad at all in these pictures, I was actually really happy!

Jeans, Cheap Monday. Jacket, knit and bag, H&M. Boots, Shoe Biz. Shirt, Coincidence and chance.

Xxx, Rosa


  1. I'm so glad you're back :) I've been checking up your blog regularly in the past months and got very excited when I saw a new post from you on my bloglovin' page :)

  2. oh, and if I may add, you look phenomenal!

    xx from Croatia

  3. Fran - hahah, yeh, I know you do :P was such a good place for photo, so had to go back there :P

    Anonymous - Thank you! Feels good to be welcomed back in open arms :D
    And thank you again ;)

  4. Hej Rosa!
    Hvor er skoene fra?
    //karoline :-)