Saturday, March 24

USA photobomb


En lidt stor stak billeder fra dengang jeg var i USA. Er lidt lang tid siden jeg var derover (tilbage i September), men havde sådan lyst til at dele nogle af mine billeder med jer.
Havde en fantastisk tur. Byen er kæmpe og virkelig fascinerende, synes jeg. Vil helt klart gerne tilbage (og gerne straks, tak).

Kind of big bunch of pictures from when I was in USA. It's a bit of a long time ago by now (was back in September), but I really wanted to share some of my pictures with you guys.
Had a fantastic trip. The city is huge and really fascinating in my opinion. I definitely wanna go back. Soon, please.

Xxx, Rosa


  1. wow, it really has been a while, but luckly U R posting again! <3
    i'm jealous, I want to go to NYC XDD

  2. Velkommen tilbage ;-)
    ÅH, ROSA! I wanna goooooo

  3. Anonymous - Yes, I am indeed ;)

    Born to bother me - It had been way too long! How I've missed it :P and you should go! It's an amazing city, really :)

    Nanna - Tak! ÅH NANNA! What? Vi skal til Londooooon!

  4. These are SUCH great shots of NY!!!!

  5. great photos.. the first two are amazing.. I wish to go to NY one day.. so badly!
    thanks for sharing

  6. I love NY, it truly is the best city in the world! I wanna go baack!! :)