Monday, May 7

Last part

De sidste billeder jeg vil vise jer fra min tur til Australien! Søde kænguruer, ikke?
Har desværre ligget syg i min seng de sidste to dage, så har ikke rigtig andet at vise jer lige pt. Håber jeg snart bliver rask, for det er egentligt lidt kedeligt bare at ligge her...

These are the last pictures I'll show you from my trip to Australia! Cute kangaroos, right?
Unfortunately I've been lying ill in my bed for the last two days, so I don't really have anything to show you at the moment. Hope I'll be well again soon, cause it's pretty boring to just lie here...

Xxx, Rosa


  1. oh my god, u went to australia? i'm so so so jealous! heard so much nice stuff bout sydney, the landscape, the people and culture and the weather :-) well i remember a talk i had to give bout sydney and that really made me wanna go there! so lucky u, hope i'll see this part of the earth some day x

  2. oh and i think i've been to ur hometown aarhus. but i'm not sure, i've seen and fallen in love with so many places of denmark! my fave still is samsø, have u ever been there? it's magical.. hehe x